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Facilitation for Cultivation of Raw Material

The another programme is the cultivation of raw material in island wide conducted by the National Crafts Council with the purpose so that get natural raw material smoothly & plentifullt, to production process of Handicraftsmen. The basic purpose of it is to protect Traditional and Cultural valued Indiginious Handicrafts Art without going extincted. Under this Project Reed, Teak, Eboni, Halmilla, Ehela & Mahogani ect. plants were cultivated.

Another function handled by the council is to import and distribute at concessionary rates, the raw materials which the handicraftsmen cannot easily effort to buy. In particular, brass and silver are imported under this programme. The handicraftsmen can buy such raw materials at concessionary prices at the head office of the National Crafts Council as well as Nattarampotha raw materials stores.