A Centre to develop handicrafts in Central Province by National Crafts Council

Training Centre for the development of handicrafts in Central Province was established with the presence of Hon. Champika Premadasa, State Minister to the Ministry of Industry & Commerce, Hon. Sarath Ekanayake, Chief Minister of Central Province, Miss. Heshani Bogollagama, Chairperson of National Crafts Council and officials of several government institutes on 23rd of August 2016 at Uyanwatta, Polgolla as Central Province consists of the most number of handicrafts sectors and artisans.  
The Central Province Office, handicraft training centers, a library for artists, sample raw material cultivations, raw material distribution warehouse and an auditorium to conduct meetings are the many services that would be facilitated through this Centre in Polgolla.
It would further be developed in to a school for beginners who wish to enter in to handicrafts industry. Training centers for Textile based ornamental creations, Batik, Lacquer and Handloom sectors were established in this complex.



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