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We make crafts our heritage. Integrating crafts into lifestyle; improving craftsperson’s life; sustaining the art of craft, fostering crafts, is our bequest.



We see to it that crafts persons worthy of honour are honoured. We celebrate crafts through feasts and festivals, examination and exhibitions.



We collect masterpieces, rare artifacts, work of art in crafts. We preserve, care for, and protect our heritage in crafts.



We promote learning of traditions in crafts, artistry of craftsmanship, knowledge of our legacy in crafts. We teach conceptualizing, designing, and fabricating ancient and modern works in crafts.


mr wimal

Hon.Wimal Weerawansa

Hon Minister

Minister of Small & Medium Business and Enterprise Development Minister of Industries and Supply Chain Management
State Minster

Hon. Susantha Punchinilame

Hon. Deputy Minister

State Minister of Small & Medium Enterprise Development


Mr. N.B.M. Ranathunga

Secretary, Ministry of Small & Medium Business and Enterprise Development

Mr. Sudath Abeysekara

Chairman of National Crafts Council



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