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Statistics for the Year 2014  
Registration of CraftsmenNo. of Craftsmen registered 1487
Master Craftsmen Training ProjectNo: of Master Craftsmen Classes Conducted 75
No: of Apprentices Trained 704
Basic Technical Training ProgrammesNo: of Basic Technical Training Programmes Conducted 39
No: of Trained Craftsmen 869
Intermediate Training ProgrammesNo: of Training Programmes Conducted4
No: of Craftsmen Trained68
Cultivation of Raw MaterialsTotal No. of plants cultivated 208155
Awareness Workshops of HandicraftsmenNo: of Awareness Workshops (District) 24
No: of Craftsmen Attended 2972
Provincial Handicrafts Competitions and ExhibitionNo: of Provincial Handicrafts Exhibitions Conducted 9
No: of Competitors (Craftsmen) participated 4008
“Shilpa” National Competition & ExhibitionTotal No: of Winners at National Level 400
No. of Exhibits Presented to the Exhibition 1878
No: Present at the National Exhibition 32956
Establishment and Updating of New Crafts Development SocietiesNo: of Newly Established Crafts Development Societies 21
No: of Crafts Societies Updated 1
Local Trade Promotion ProgrammesNo: of local Trade Fairs organized 07
No: of Craftsmen participated 146
Foreign Trade Promotion ProgrammesNo: of Trade Fairs and Exhibitions attended 6
No: of Craftsmen Participated 33
Crafts Exchange ProgrammeNo: of Crafts Exchange Programmes Conducted 2
No: of Craftsmen Trained 21
Facilitation for the commencement of Self-EmploymentNo: of Craftsmen received raw materials and equipment 93
Craftsmen Welfare ProgrammeNo. of Craftsmen Benefitted 46
Conducting Product Development WorkshopsNo. of Workshops Conducted 8
No: of Craftsmen Trained 223
Conducting Human Resource Development ProgrammeNo. of Employees Trained 17
Infrastructure Development in Crafts Training CentresNo: of Crafts Training Centres where Buildings have been Repaired2
Handicrafts Training ProjectNo: of Training Centres in Operation120
No: of Apprentices trained on Full Time basis through Training Centres587
No: of Craftsmen receiving production facilities from Crafts Training Centres490
Special Villages Development Project - 2014No. of Villages developed11
Total No. of direct beneficiaries872
Total No. of indirect beneficiaries1270